Fire Department

Pensaukee Volunteer Fire Department

The Pensaukee Volunteer Fire Department serves the township of Pensaukee, including the communities of Brookside, Oak Orchard, Kunzer Beach, and Pensaukee.  We also help the surrounding communities when they need us and they, in turn, help us out as well.

We have eighteen (18) dedicated members on the Fire Dept. (we can always use more) and there are five (5) members on the First Responders team, three (3) of whom are also firefighters.  Along with the Firefighters and First Responders, there is also a Booster Club with 13 hard-working members.  The Booster Club helps raise funds for needed supplies and also provides the firefighters with refreshments and food at large fires and training events.

There is a Fire Dept. meeting the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Fire Dept. meeting hall and it is open to the public.  There is a Work Night on the fourth Tuesday of each month and training on the first Saturday and first Monday of every month as well.  The Booster Club meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. and the public is welcome to attend as well.

We currently have one (1) Pumper, one (1) Equipment Van, two (2) Water Trucks, one (1) John Deere Gator for brush fires, and one (1) Brush Truck.  We are in the process of replacing our 1972 Brush Truck with a 1999 Ford F350.  Since we are doing this work by ourselves, it is taking a little bit longer than buying a custom-made truck, but in the process, we are saving a lot of money.  Speaking of money, this truck is being paid for mainly by 2% money (distributed by the State) as well as Booster Club funds.  After the Brush Truck is completed, we would like to replace the Equipment Van with a Used Rescue Pumper that can safely haul up to six (6) firefighters and easily store all of the equipment that is currently in the Equipment Van and more, and also be used to pump water.

As you may have noticed, our present fire station is a little bit crowded.  Once the loan for the Pumper is paid off in 2021, we are hoping to build a new building while avoiding any increases in property taxes.  We could possibly use the old fire station as a meeting hall and storage facility, and replace the old town hall (the current Fire Dept. Meeting Hall) with a building to store the trucks in.  We have built a few crude models to get an idea of what is actually needed.  One of the ideas includes a building across the road where Melotte’s Meats used to be and that building would be about twice the size of the new Recycling Building and include a Meeting Hall as well.

What we need most is support from you, the townspeople.  That support can be in the form of coming out to fundraising events, donating for fundraisers, or possibly even joining us.  The Fire Department, First Responders and Booster Club can all use more members.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 920-604-0227.


Patrick Aerts, Fire Chief
[email protected]

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