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Town of Pensaukee Comprehensive Planning Commission

The Comprensive Plan Commission for the Town of Pensaukee was commissioned by Ordinance October 13, 2004 by the Town of Pensaukee to submit to the Town of Pensaukee a Comprehensive Plan to monitor and guide future development of the Township. This plan was approved by Ordinance on December 14, 2004.

It is the goal of this planning commission is to utilize this plan in its entirety to guide its efforts in making recommendations to individuals, the Town Board and Oconto County Zoning in appropriate land use recommendations for the benefit of the the Township and its citizens.

Member and Contact Information

Town of Pensaukee Comprehensive Planning Commission
4684 Brookside Road
Abrams, WI  54101

Gerald Boomsma, Commissioner
4612 Bell Bridge Road
Little Suamico WI
(920 835-4612
Dennis Clark, Commissioner
3790 Mosers Road
Oconto WI 54153
(920) 834-5340 
William Danz, Commission Chairperson
3244 Pagel Lane
Abrams WI 54101
Anne Marie Kasbaum, Commissioner
3336 Drolete Road
Oconto WI 54153
(920) 834-5714 
Vacant Commissioner Position
Vacant Commissioner or Ad Hoc Member.
Contact any Commission member for information on this position.


To access the full Town of Pensaukee Comprehensive Plan, use the following link: 


If screen comes up blank, simply scroll down a bit and the pages will appear.  There are 276 pages so you may not want to try and print it.