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  1. All monuments must be placed in line with existing monuments. Veteran's plaques may
    only be placed on the back or front of monuments. Monument foundations must be at
    least six [6] inches wider on each side and fourteen [14] inches longer on each end than
    the monument.
  2. Urns have a maximum diameter of 10" and must be placed in line with the monument
    on the concrete base. Vases and temporary arrangements may be attached to the top of
    the monument.
  3. Cut flowers and potted plants must be in approved urns and not in tin cans, glass jars,
    baskets, or wooden boxes. Shepherd's crooks may be used if mounted on, and its
    contents do not protrude beyond, the footing.
  4. Artificial flowers must be placed in urns. Wreaths will be allowed November 1- March
    31. Since all decorations [wreaths, flowers, plants, and their containers] are disposed of
    April 1, such items may be removed and saved if so desired before that date.
  5. All decorations must be placed on footings or monuments only so as not to interfere
    with lawn mowing and maintenance.
  6. No trees or shrubbery may be planted. Any such plantings shall be removed by the
    Brookside Cemetery Association.
  7. All memorials, monuments, urns, or decorations are subject to the approvai of the
    cemetery board.
  8. Questions regarding these regulations may be addressed to the president [Lyle Nichols,
    920-373-4941] or secretary [LaVerne Ristow, 920-826-5442].

April 2016

Established in the year 1862.